If you want APLUS full stand-alone licence for free? Just upload more than 250 new and properly prepared blocks.
1. Create new (template file to use: acadiso.dwt).
2. Import dwg file with prepared object.
3. If needed, you can explode evething inside block with _BEXPLODE.
4. Make sure that inserted (_INSERT) block has no personal dimstyles (_DIMSTYLE), textstyles (_STYLE) or linetypes (_LINETYPE).
5. Move everthing to layer 0 and set all properties to 'ByLayer' (_BLL0 command).
6. Purge block if needed (you can check number of elements in block with _LIB); to do that, go to block editor (_BEE), you can connect lines into polylines (_JJ) then puge (_PLP removes duplicating vertexes, _PLPS removes vertexes that are too close, _OVERKILL removes duplicating lines).
7. Set correct scale of object (_BSIZE command: you can set DX or DY lenght or specify SCALE). Ensure that block's size is now in meters.
8. Orientation: 0X axis as north; objects in side or top view should be directed right. Doors and windows should .... (_BROIP command rotates insert point, _BFLIP to flip block's content).
9. Move insertion point to the correct place (usualy most obvious one) (_BMIP command; in block editor (_BEE) you can use _M0 command to specify insertion point, additionaly you can set insertion point between two specified point with _MM0 command). You can also select one of the corners, middle points or center of the block as insertion point with _BCEN command.
10. Add prefix to the name with _BADP. It should be 4 letters long, writen in capitals and should indicate correct category (look at existing block folders in APLUS directory to figure them out).
11. Make sure that you save your file in AutoCAD 2000 (you can set default file format for saved files in _OPTIONS).
12. Export block with BEX (if you haven't add prefix earlier you can do that now), you'll be asked for name. If you for example name block KITC_oven2 it will be automaticly saved as APLUS_folder/BLOCKS/KITC/KITC_oven2.dwg



We do not accept files created in AutoCAD EDU since they may cause trouble for some users. Please do not upload copryighted blocks, if you are not sure, please skip the block.